• Who We Are

    The White Mountain story is a tapestry woven by all who have come into contact with it as well as the cultural and societal events that have impacted our family and team since the 1930s. From the founding family's farming and animal husbandry history, the Great Depression, the health food movement of the 60s, to the company's incorporation in 1980, and on through to the present, all of our family, owners, and team members have contributed to who we are as a company.

    Purist Foods, Inc., D.B.A. White Mountain Foods is a vegetarian health food manufacturer. The founding concept of our company is about supporting health, not how much money we can make. Our physiological condition and our consciousness are impacted by the food we eat. By reducing or eliminating specific foods that cause us harm and eliminating overly processed, additive and chemical laced, engineered-for-profit, nutritionally deficient foods, we can support and maintain our health, and reduce our discomfort and the need for medical help. The concept of vegetarianism is an integral component of this philosophy as its physiological modifying effects have a major impact not only on our physical health, but also on how we treat others and the world we live in. "People before profit" is our governing business concept, and it guides every business decision we make, from the purchasing of ingredients and packaging to what we do with our profit.

    Our mission is a simple one: provide our consumers with delicious, minimally processed yogurt and meat-alternative products that are organic when possible, completely free of additives and preservatives, and manufactured and packaged in a health-conscious environmentally responsible way.

    All of our products are made with the same basic concept in mind: natural simplicity. If we can't make a product with just a few simple all-natural ingredients that our consumers enjoy eating, then we don't make it. Our new product process doesn't start with a product category review with an eye towards maximizing profit, it begins with a question as to what our consumers would appreciate eating and then we set about trying to produce that product without any synthetic additives, flavorings, coloring agents, thickeners, texture modifiers, and artificial or refined sweeteners. We also steer clear from cane, beet, and corn sweeteners due to their negative effects on the immune system, preferring to use honey and agave syrup instead. We believe keeping the immune system healthy through eating supportive foods has the greatest overall effect on our health than anything else we can do.

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  • Staff



    Administration: Jeff Murray - CEO

    Cyndi Murray - Corporate Secretary

    Hannibal Murray - COO

    Ben Jones - CFO

    Kendra Jones - Customer Service, HR


    Sales and Marketing:

    Dustin Huff - VP Sales and Marketing

    Daniel Maldonado - Outside Sales & Marketing

    Jared Willingham - Outside Sales

    William Murray - Graphic Artist, Webmaster

    Jessica Murray - Social Media



    Jay Hollingsworth - Production Supervisor

    Brian Wright - Production Supervisor

    Bacilio Montenegro - Operator

    Consuelo Vallecillo - Processor

    Mike Jeffries - Operator

    Philip Davis - Operator

    Jef Jones - Operator

    Dave Whorton - Processor

    Leon Cook - Processor

    Chase Ricketts - Processor

    Tyler Fetter- Processor

    Esteban Nanez - Processor